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:: Rules & Policies - Last update: 9-NOV-2001

General Policies

1. LoE has 3 parts to the squad:

: Players who have played in the squad but have droped off the edge of the world.They do not respond to e-mail and do not play, but have not violated any of the rules of the team or caused embarrasement or dishonor to the squad. They do not have the right to maintain the LoE tag, and must go through normal recruitement procedures to return to the squad. Although they are normally given a preference over other rercuits.

Reserve: Players who have earned the right to maintain the LoE squad tag, but are not able to give the team the time and energy required to be members of the Active team. They must at least play online occasionally, and respond to e-mail every once in a while (at least once within 30 days), or post on the squad's website (loe.8m.com). The player must request to be part of the Reserve squad. The Leader and the Council cannot include a player in the Reserve, they must suggest the player to request it. Be part of the Reserve squad is an honor earned only by veteran members who cannot play quite often anymore. They can go back to the Active team requesting so to the Leader and the Council.

Active: The Active team are the Heart of the squad. They are the members who are active, who respond to e-mail, who show up for practices and who are focused on improving the team.

For organizational purposes and based on time zones, the squad is divided into 3 "Divisions" commanded by a Council member. The Divisions are: LoE American Division, LoE Australian Division and LoE European Division. These Divisions are not identifiable within the squad's tag... there are shown only on the website.

2. Only members of the Active team may play in League and other competitions. Any member may play in scrimmages and matches. The Leader and/or the Council will decide wich members will be play a given regular match against other squad.

3. The Squad is governed by the Squad Leader and a Council wich consists of the senior members of the Active team.

4. The other specified positions within the Active team are Match Coordinators, Recruitement Coordinator, Official Host, Website Manager (Webmaster) and MP. Other positions may be created on an as needed basis.

5. All senior members of the Active team are responsible for training and tactics.

6. Conflicts between team members will be handled by the Council, and as last resort by the squad leader.

Recruiting Policies

7. LoE is an equal opportunity squad who recruits members without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, or sexual orientation. LoE do not recruits cheaters and glitchers.

8. Any Active LoE member may recommend a player for membership.

9. All prospective members must register on the LoE FORUMS before being considered. This ensures they can locate the website, and have enough interest to take the time to interact with the squad members. They must provide enough information about how to contact him and everything related to his profile as a DF2 player. No player may be considered until they have done so. Notice: the people responsible of contacting the applicant are the Recruitment Coordinators. Also, a Recruitement Coordinator is the person who will reply the e-mails regarding recruitement issues. He will be the person who will guide the applicants through the recruitement process.

10. After the team roster information has been received through the application form, a Council vote is required to accept the player as a Recruit. The squad leader may use veto power whenever 2 other Council members agree with him. The leader may request the whole squad to vote instead of just the Council.

11. After approval, the Recruits will be given a minimum of 2 weeks to prove themselves for inclusion to the squad rolls. They must attend at practices sessions and spend time online with the rest of the team. Showing their ability and their team attitude. During this period, they may use the LoE tag with an R on the side: "£øË"R.

12. At the beginning of the tryout period, each prospective member will be given certain information and must get Roger Wilco and MSN IM up and operational on their computers. The nickname used in this systems should be the same as the DF2 player name, if possible. During this period, their DF2 player names will be included in the website.

13. At the end of the tryout (candidacy) period, an online (MSN IM and LoE Server) test, covering the requests will be given. A passing grade will allow the Recruit's final status to be voted on by the Council (or the whole squad, when requested by the Recruitment Coordonator or the Leader). The Squad Leader may use veto power whenever 2 other Council members agree with him.

14. After being approved by the Council as a full member, the Recruit will be given his full membership status and he will be asked the remove the R after the tag. Then, he will be included in the ACTIVE squad.

15. Generally, only prospective players 17 years or older may be considered for membership. There are lots of exceptions made by the General Staff. Notice: The age requirement is set, not because we wish to simply eliminate certain players, but because generally, players too young: (1) do not have as much control over their lives to be able to participate fully, (2) do not fully understand the importance of supporting their team mates tactically and are more individualists. The exceptions are made with applicants that are below this age but are proven teamplayers. Actually, the majority of LoE's members are under 17 but they are LoEs beceause they are proven teamplayers.

Matches & Tournaments

16. Only the Council may challenge another squad, accept challenges or register the squad for a tournament. The person reponsible for matches and tourneys issues is the Match Coordinator, who will be in charge of the mailing and match details. He will work very closely to the Official Host.

Ranking system

17. LoE used to have a ranking system till the 23-jun-2001 but since the squad became like a "family", ranks are no longer needed. This is a part of the evolution of the squad.

Shorter names for matches

18. All LoE members are asked to use shorter players names (4 to 5 letters maximum) after the tag during regular matches, tourney matches, etc... Full player names are used only on Novaworld rooms and Public rooms. This improves visibility (when friendly tags are ON), legibility and communications during matches (saving precious reading and typing times). It is suggested to not use your tag in Novaworld due the amount of impostors and cheaters fooling around those servers. Use the tag in Public rooms instead.

Missed in Action label

19. A player being labeled on the website roster as M.I.A. means that the Council is concerned about a persistent absence and silence of the legionnaire. He does not show in practices and do not respond to e-mails. The member labeled as M.I.A who still want to be a LoE member, is suggested to contact a Council member as soon as possible (or send an e-mail using the Contact form). In other case, his name will be removed from the list after a short period of time and he will be considered as "Inactive". The announcement of his retirement may be done at the squad's forum.

20. A player may inform the Council if he will not be able to play for a while (a given period) in order to avoid to be considered as a MIA. In case of an absence for long time, he should request to be included in the Reserve team.

Rules of engagement

21. Do not cheat under any circumstances and do not use glitches. LoE is a proud member of the Delta Force Honor Network (DFHN) and ALL LoE members agree by joining this squad to follow DFHN policies regarding how to play the game as a sportsman. This committement should not be broken. Breaking any of the DFHN rules is the main reason why members can be banished form the squad. Definitions about cheating and glitching can be found at the DFHN website (http://dfhn.hypermart.net).

22. While communicating during a match, keep your messages short and speak only to give or acknowledge orders unless you have something important to say.

23. Behave yourself while talking to the enemy and try not to respond to insults. During matches only the Leader may talk with the enemy, unless you want to congratulate an opponent for a kill.

24. Treat LoE allies as you treat your team mates and as you would like to be treated.

25. Be a team player. Obey your team leader and senior members.

29. Report anything regarding the squad or other squads to the Council to avoid possible inconveniences. Report anything regarding a squad player or other squad player to the Council to avoid possible inconveniences.

31. If you are quiting the squad, please inform the Council in order to keep the chance to come back at a later time.

Follow and enforce these policies and rules. They are flexible and were created to improve gameplay and teamplay, aswell to improve the seriousness and prestige of the squad.


Notice: These policies and rules are based in the *DFS* (Delta Force Soldiers) manual and policies. Thanks to FF6*DFS* (Charles Powell - 10 years of active duty in the US ARMY and a Gulf War Veteran) for helping squad leaders through the manual he wrote. You can visit DFS website at http://dfsweb.virtualave.net/

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